Affordable Human Resources support should be available to all organisations regardless of their size, a philosophy Stavonga Associates endorses.

With 20 successful years in Human Resource management we feel we can give added value to our clients by drawing on our extensive knowledge, experience and a pragmatic approach to advise them on people management.

Working in an associate relationship, we have a back up team of proven experts in the fields of Pension, Employment Law and other related Human Resources issues to further offer our clients a full range of people management consulting services.

Our Aims

  • Partner with clients in all aspects of strategic and operational Human Resources management and implementation of policies.
  • Offer a high level of client service with an ethical attitude.
  • Present effective solutions to Human Resource problems.
  • Increase productivity through proficient people management policies.
  • To keep you informed of current employment law legislation and the implications to your business.
  • To provide you with the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions around all Human Resources issues.
  • To be an extension of your company by having strong client partnerships.

Everybody Deserves Special Treatment

Stavonga Associates Ltd
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